The aims of the GTC Energy and Transport Group are to help reduce Crowborough’s carbon footprint by promoting the use of sustainable energy and transport in our community.

This involves promoting the take-up of alternatives to carbon-based technology, in the form of solar or wind power, and heat pumps, and the use of electric vehicles.

The group has put together a series of leaflets (click to download a pdf):

We are also doing what we can to encourage walking & cycling and arguing for improvements to public transport. East Sussex County Council is currently developing its Local Transport Plan 4 (2023-2050), which will shape the future of local transport.

Our work also encompasses better insulation and the installation of EV charging points.

The group believes that it can be most effective by working with local authorities and community energy organisations, such as Forest Row Energy, Ovesco and Community Energy South, to publicise the possibilities for both domestic and commercial users and to engage in preliminary discussions with interested parties prior to their referral to the community energy organisations, for more detailed and technical discussions. To this end the group will organise Energy Fairs, Electric Vehicle Shows and similar events.

The group seeks new members and inputs from potential alternative energy projects (especially buildings with roofs that have the potential for largish solar panel arrays), from local people with experience of solar panels, heat pumps or wind generators and from owners of electric vehicles.

Contact: energy&