Volunteers from the Crowborough Wildlife Group pulling Himalayan Balsam at The Ghyll LNR

On Sunday 24th July 11 volunteers descended on The Ghyll Local Nature Reserve off Green Lane to help remove invasive, non-native species which pose a threat to native wildlife.

The Ghyll is owned by Crowborough Town Council and the tasks had been agreed in advance with the CTC Ranger. Most of the work involved pulling up Himalayan Balsam, which is spreading through the damp woodland and out-competing native species. Most of the nature reserve is ancient woodland, so it is crucial that it is managed appropriately and one of the biggest threats to ancient woodland now is the spread of non-native species. Hundreds of plants were removed during the morning and we also cleared a large sprawling cherry laurel.

Crowborough Wildlife Group’s next conservation session will be on Sunday 28th August from 10 until midday. We will be returning to The Ghyll LNR, probably removing bracken from the meadows up towards Palesgate Lane. To become a conservation volunteer send an email to crowwildgroup@gmail.com.



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