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At recent meeting of the GTC Sports Group, the Crowborough Sustainability Charter was agreed and all local sports organisations were asked to consider adopting it. The Charter encourages clubs to take responsibility for energy efficiency, waste reduction, water conservation and biodiversity and to develop eco-friendly facilities, sustainable transportation and sustainable procurement.

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Crowborough Athletic Football Club has been the first club to adopt the Charter and for this, for its good track record in improving the sustainability of its facilities and activities and for playing a leading role in getting the GTC Sports Group off the ground, CAFC has been nominated for the Active Sussex Environmental Sustainability Award.

The Sports Group is currently developing a proposal for funding for a project involving local sports clubs, to help the clubs develop their sustainability policies and run a campaign with the theme: A Healthy Lifestyle in a Healthy Environment. The group is currently looking for someone who might be interested in a part-time role in running such a project. Please contact for more information.



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